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Post Void Switch Review

PublisherNintendo Switch
Release Date3/16/23
PublisherSuper Rare Games
ESRB RatingM

Post Void is an interesting concept. You have a health idol in your left hand and a gun in your right. You are running through procedural-generated corridors and shooting randomly placed enemies to stay alive. Your health idol is also constantly draining, even more when you get shot. However, it replenishes when you kill. So you have to run and slide your way around, constantly shooting enemies to stay alive. It’s a cool concept, with an early 90s FPS look and a rocking soundtrack. There is a framework of a story, but that does not matter at all.

It has style in spades!

Post Void is one of the hardest things I’ve ever played. This game is for the hardcore of the hardcore. I’d be lucky to make it past 20 seconds before dying. Usually, the gameplay loop for a game like this is memorizing each level to get further. But the game is randomized each run, and there are no difficulty levels. Judging by the leaderboard, there are people who got very far. I’m just not one of them. You either have the skills, or you don’t, because you can’t learn due to the randomized nature of the game.

One of my longest runs!

Despite sucking at it, I can appreciate the style and what Post Void is attempting to do. It’s hard, and it doesn’t care about being hard because that’s the whole point of it. So I’ll give it a recommend with an asterisk. If you’re hardcore and got the skills, you’ll be right at home. Normal people might want to think twice.

Overall: Post Void is ridiculously hard, but very fun. If you’ve got the skills, step up for a great time. Normal people should think twice.

Verdict: Recommended*

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*If you’re hardcore.

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