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Waves Running Simulator Switch Review

PlatformNintendo Switch
Release Date4/20/23
PublisherInstamarketing and Game
ESRB RatingE

Waves Running Simulator – Surfing Hyper Runner Casual 3D Games is another Instamarketing and Game title. It is not as good as Falling Elevator and Fortress Building Puzzle but Instamarketing and Game can no longer be called the worst publisher on the Switch. I’m not sure who takes the top spot now. There are many contenders. Regardless, in this game you outrun a wave while navigating an obstacle course. Use the left stick to move and B button to jump. The courses start off easy and progressively get harder. There are life preservers to get that act as currency to buy other characters,

The problem with Waves Running Simulator is the controls are too lose, its hard to precision navigate levels. You very often end up running straight off the course. The view point also doesn’t help. It would have been better if the view was directly behind the runner, like most running games. The game will also randomly freeze, which is very annoying.

I’m not going to recommend Waves Running Simulator, but it isn’t garbage either. It proves that indeed Instamarketing and Game gets what make a decent game. Whether they hit it or not depends on the particular game. Still, they are no longer the worst publisher on the Switch. They have long road to respectability, but what they’ve produced recently is a good start.

Overall: Waves Running Simulator isn’t a good game, but it is light years better than what Instamarketing and Game used to produce.

Verdict: Not Recommended

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