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Shuttlecock H Switch Review

PlatformNintendo Switch
Release Date2/29/23
ESRB RatingM

Warning: Shuttlecock H is a naughty game that has bare boobies in it. Not for kids!

Shuttlecock H is a naughty game where you dodge bullets and enemies in a starship while collecting hearts. Collect enough hearts and the next level unlocks. As the levels progress, things get spicier and more clothes get shed. There are three lovely ladies in the game: A student, a nurse, and a HR lady. Each lady has seven levels each for a total of twenty-one levels. Plus there are twenty one additional levels from a censored version for sale on steam.

Shuttlecock H is not an easy game. Think bullet-hell without the ability to shoot back. All you do is dodge and boost. Boost speeds you up and draws the hearts to you. You will die, and die a lot. So if you want to see boobs, you must get good. Fortunately, getting good is a matter of memorizing the patterns, as they are the same every time. So in the end, this is a challenging little game with nudity as the prize.

The one complaint I have about Shuttlecock H is the Switch tax. The original steam version is four dollars, this version is eight dollars. Plus the completely censored version on steam is two dollars. It’s even weirder because the games are four years old, originally releasing on PC in 2019. There should be price parity between them. I’d go as far as to say purchase both Steam versions rather than this one, as its cheaper by two dollars. However, that version does not have mouse or controller support. Regardless, this is a decent game and worth a play for any nudie game fan.

Overall: Shuttlecock H is a fun game where you dodge dangers in a starship, with nudity as the prize.

Verdict: Recommended

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Game received for free from the publisher!

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