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Postal Redux Switch Review

PlatformNintendo Switch
Release Date10/16/2020
Cost 9.99
PublisherMD Games(Running with Scissors)
ESRB RatingM

Postal Redux is a remake of the original Postal with upgraded everything, from controls to graphics. The original game was quite controversial at the time, with people calling it a murder simulator. Is it? Well, yes and no. The campaign is divided up into 23 maps(17 from original, 6 from expansion), filled with hostiles and civilians. Your goal on each map is to kill the hostiles only, and then exit. You can kill the civilians if you want to, but it does nothing for you. You can leave them alive, or kill them, its up to you. There is also a rampage mode where you have to kill everyone for a high score, and that’s as close as it comes.

You are totally sane!

The game play itself is really fun and challenging at times, with a variety of enemies often coming at you at once. You have a gun, ranging from your standard machine gun, to a magnum revolver, to a grenade launcher. You also have throw-able weapons, like a grenade or a Molotov cocktail. Each weapon has its peculiarities, and some can even hurt you, like the grenade launcher. There are health pickups and armor too, but the best defense is to always stay on the move.

Do you have to kill the marching band? Up to you.

Postal Redux is littered with nice touches. Like when certain hostiles die, they don’t actually die. They crawl around crying for help, and then die. The maps reward exploration, because there might be needed goodies off the beaten path. In the parade map above, far off in a corner is a bunch of weapons and ammo guarded by a turret. There is a shocking amount of voice acting here and the postal dude can be funny at times.

Screw this bridge!

Postal Redux is a Must Play!

Should you play Postal Redux? If you can stomach theme, yes you should! It is fun! It is brutal! There is care put into this! It is better than Hatred! Postal has staying power because Running with Scissors cares about making a good game, and this is a good game.

Overall: Postal Redux is a great twin stick shooter with lots of detail and care put into it. I think it is required playing, if you can stomach the theme.

Verdict: Must Play

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