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Demon Skin Switch Review

PlatformNintendo Switch
Release Date5/5/2023
PublisherESDigital Games
ESRB RatingT

Demon Skin wants to be a 2D Blade of Darkness.It has methodical stamina-based combat, light RPG elements, and weapons you can pick up and use. It sucks. While blade of Darkness is excruciatingly hard, I did not feel it was unfair. Not so here. Three hits with a weapons, you are out of stamina and will get slaughtered. Its simply not fun to play at all. But I am getting ahead of myself.

Get used to this screen!

So in Demon Skin, you are this wanderer, a force to defeat the darkness. You get turned into a demon and must retrieve an artifact to turn back It doesn’t really matter. What this amounts to is, you are slow. You walk slow and fight slow. You will fight a variety of enemies, mostly skeletons and zombies to start. I never got very far, because I got tired of getting poisoned and running out of health in two seconds. I mentioned stamina earlier,and start with little, but can get get some more upon leveling up(you get 2 points to put in health, stamina or attack). It won’t help. Half the problem is the Byzantine control system, with 3 different attack buttons for no discernible reason.

I wanted to like Demon Skin. The graphics and sound are exquisite for a ten dollar game. Its just not fun or fair. I’m not the best at games, but even if you are, I don’t think you’ll like this either. I went to look at other reviews. The one I linked praised the combat, but I agree with the rest of it that trashed the level and enemy design. This is a hard pass.

Overall: Demon Skin wants to be a 2D souls-like, but fails at game play. It just is not fun!

Verdict: Not Recommended

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