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Replikator Switch Review

As as a general rule, I don’t like Rogue-likes. When I hear them, I go running the other way. They usually mean they are extraordinarily difficult slog-fests. Replikator is really no different. It is a sci-fi twin stick shooter where you’ll run through procedurally generated levels, shooting at robots and monsters, and die, and die a lot. There is an easy mode in Replikator, but trust me, it still ain’t easy. When you die you can purchase upgrades for yourself, like more ammo or cheaper health-regeneration (paid for at terminals scattered through the levels). You’ll get slightly farther, but still die.

There are four characters to choose from in Replikator, each with different stats and ways to play, but don’t worry, they’ll all die over and over again. There are implants that improve stats, they get damaged fast and start harming you, and disappear upon death. There are special moves, like teleporters, turrets, or melee. All mostly pointless. What I’m saying is, Replikator is brutal. I’ve played rogue-likes before, even played the original Rogue on an IBM PC back in the day. This is one of more brutal games I’ve played honestly.

I’m not saying Replikator is a bad game. No it’s a very well made game. A lot of love went into it. It’s just for hardcore gamers, which I definitely am not. So I will give this a YMMV, because I don’t like dying 50 times on easy in the first level, but you might.

Overall: Replikator is a brutal but very well made Rogue-like game. For the hardcore only.

Verdict: YMMV

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PlatformNintendo Switch
Release Date5/26/23
PublisherQubic Games
ESRB RatingE10+

P.S. Why is Laser Rainbow Disco Dungeon stuck in my head? For another good twin-stick shooter, try Splatter!

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