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Cubic Figures 2 Switch Review

Platform Nintendo Switch
Release Date6/8/23
ESRB RatingE

Cubic Figures 2 is obviously the sequel to Cubic Figures, a minimalist puzzle game where you fit shapes into a larger shape. There are only fifty puzzles this time. However, the game is priced at ninety-nine cents to compensate. This time the game is a home theme, where you makes tables or even a toilet. The big new addition is the hint feature, where you’ll get the solution if you press Y. You could cheese through the game that way. But why even play if you’re not going to challenge yourself?

A screenshot of a level from Cubic Figures 2!

In the end, what else what can I say Cubic Figures 2? The Cubic series trademark is it’s minimalist audio/visual nature, and nothing has changed. The game play works. It wasn’t broken to begin with, so they didn’t change much. If you like these kinds of games, or the first one, pick this game up. Dillyframe really knocks these games out of the park. Recommended!

Overall: Cubic Figures 2 didn’t change much from its predecessor, but then, it didn’t have to.

Verdict: Recommended

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