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Rainbows Toilets and Unicorns Switch Review

PlatformNintendo Switch
Release Date3/13/2020
Publisher Fantastico Studio
ESRB RatingT

I dug deep into the slush pile and came up with this game. Rainbows Toilets and Unicorns wants to be funny, and might have been at one time. I didn’t laugh. Its a bullet hell shooter with the premise of a squatty potty commercial. You’re a dude who eats unicorn ice cream(which comes out its butt) and so you have to run to a chemical toilet and shit rainbows. You have six levels of unfunny satire. Like, want to fight Saltbae:

Well, you can:

The problem with the satire of Rainbows Toilets and Unicorns is that it’s references are dated by now. This game was released in 2020. It’s 2023 now. Who cares about Saltbae? Guy was a meme years ago. In the politics level, you fight Donald Trump’s hair. Sorry, Donald Trump is no longer the president. While he’s trying to be again, that remains to be seen. An actually good satire of shooters, Konami’s Parodius series, is timeless, because I don’t have to be from the early 90s to find it funny.

I have Rainbows Toilets and Unicorns, the game play is ok. It’s not great shooting, but not terrible either. I just don’t see the point of this game, not when there are loads of better bullet hell shooters out there. I guess if you want dated references, you might find this amusing, but I didn’t. And your entire premise is a seven-year-old YouTube commercial, you know your scraping the bottom of the barrel. And after reviewing Angel Symphony recently, anything is better than that. This will get a YMMV.

Overall: Rainbows Toilets and Unicorns might be amusing to some, but I was not laughing.

Verdict: YMMV

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