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Moto Racer Simulator Switch Review

Moto Racer Simulator GT Games is from VG Games, which automatically means it is crap. So I’m sitting here wondering why I have to review it? Good question. I want to tell VG Games to slow down on releases. This is not their worst game by far, but it isn’t good either. Pure mediocrity. Moto Racer Simulator pretends it is a decent game, with a large selection of tracks, customizable bikes and riders(even male or female). Then you start playing, run into a wall and fly like a rag doll.

You get back on the bike and continue on. The odd part is, there’s no rhyme or reason to your crashing in Moto Racer Simulator. Sometimes you slow into a turn and still crash, sometimes you don’t. I once saw two AI riders fly off into the air for no particular reason. I guess this brings us to a video, where the race starts and I crash into a wall. Enjoy.

The real reason I posted the video was to show the lack of speed or momentum. I’m traveling at 200 Km/h and i could be traveling at five. Still, I guess I’ll give it credit that Moto Racer Simulator works, barely. More work went into this than other titles from VG Games. With their crazy output(and that list doesn’t count stuff like The Last Hope) they simply don’t have the time to put in the effort for the games they’re seeking to create. In the end, you end up with mediocrity at best, true horrors at worst.

Sometimes hitting another racer will cause a crash, sometimes it won’t.

So this wraps us back to my point. Slow down VG Games. Take your time. Don’t release two games a month. Release a game every few months, and you might actually release something good. As it is, games like Moto Racer Simulator end stuck in mediocrity.

Overall: Moto Racer Simulator isn’t the worst thing VG games has ever put out. It’s not good either.

Verdict: Not Recommended

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PlatformNintendo Switch
Release Date7/17/23
PublisherVG Games
ESRB RatingE

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