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Fear or Evil Switch Review

I’m going to start off this review of Fear or Evil: Nightmare Horror Scary Game Phobia 2023 Simulator Hunter Games with a video. This is a video by content creator named Switch Stars, who does what I do, focus on the garbage. Midnight Works, the publisher behind Fear or Evil, launched a false copyright claim on YouTube to shut him down. It failed, and this was the result:

I think its worth watching the video, because Midnight Works is running scared. People are finding out their games are utter trash and don’t want to work with them. I think that’s a good thing. So this brings us to Fear or Evil, one of Midnight Work’s games. It follows the standard Midnight Works playbook. A long title of random words so they so show up on search results. Then there the lying e-shop description:

Think, explore, interact, but pay attention to every little detail to fully immerse yourself in the protagonist’s story…

You are not immersed, there’s nothing much to see, or interact with. There is a beginning cinematic, but that’s it as far as immersion goes. Plus, the E-Shop screenshots lie.

Fear or evil Bathroom Lie

The actual areas in Fear or Evil looks like:

Fear or Evil Bathroom actual

As you can see, the area is real, the writing is real, it just looks like the crap. The upper screenshot got a nice coat of paint in Photoshop. But want until you see the enemies in Fear or Evil. Provided screenshot:

And the real screenshot:

But enough about graphics, hows the game play in Fear or Evil: Nightmare Horror Scary Game Phobia 2023 Simulator Hunter Games? Crap. So you wake up, grab a crowbar. Walk outside the door, only to find a locked door that needs a key. To get the key you need to kill the above enemy, who is triggered when you walk into a pointless room. Kill him by hitting him in the legs, everywhere else will miss. You move on. Nothing much to see, pick up or read. Then I found a enemy with a gas-mask who killed me in two hits. I respawn without the crowbar, and get killed again. Yes, when you die, your weapon disappears, and you’re defenseless. The game is broken.

When not attacking, they’ll run into walls.

Midnight Work’s Downfall

And this loops us back around to the opening video. Midnight Work is actually scared, cowering in a corner afraid that people are learning the truth and ignoring them. The money is probably beginning the run out. The trickle of games has slowed down considerably. They’re looking to publish and pay for reviews(as mentioned in the video). And its only right that they are running out of money. Midnight Works is a scummy company. They produce crap. Sure they produced Midnight Runner, but that was a miracle. Everything since has been trash including Fear or Evil. So if they go bankrupt, nobody will shed a tear. Ok, I will, only because I can’t milk them for content.

Overall: Fear or Evil isn’t scary, but makes you want to run away nevertheless.

Verdict: Garbage

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PlatformNintendo Switch
Release Date3/9/23
PublisherMidnight Works
ESRB RatingT
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