The Love Switch Game Review

The Love – Date Simulator with Girls, attempts to be a dating simulator. It fails, because it is broken. I mean it does not work. It loads. You pick your name(meaningless), your interests(almost meaningless) and your dating preferences. You then enter a Tinder-like screen where you can pick and choose among the lovely ai-generated ladies to chat with. Then you send a message, and nothing. The chat interface is broken because there is no chat interface. You can’t chat. Pausing and unpausing will allow you to pick a girl, but you still can’t chat. Not even quitting the game entirely and restarting will fix it. Therefore, the game is rendered unplayable.

This is what The Love advertises itself as:

What The Love wants to be!

and this is what the Love actually is:

What The Love actually is!

Enough said. I’d end the review here, but I have something to say:

The Love’s score is a big fat zero!

It may come as a shock, but I do give numerical review scores. However, they are on the back end for review aggregation purposes. The scores are directly tied to the verdict. For example, a Recommended verdict will always score a seven or an eight. Garbage will always score a one or a two.

Here is a score breakdown of my reviews if you are interested.

However, because The Love is fundamentally broken, I’ll try to give it a zero on Switch Scores, the aggregator I’m now on. Tankorama didn’t load the second level, but at least I could play the first level to tell it was dog shit. So this game is the first to score a zero. Dezvolt Games didn’t even play test it. it being unplayable may be intentional. Regardless, they shipped an unplayable game, a new low for the Midnight Work’s network of scam game companies. Nintendo should pull this game immediately, but they won’t, because they don’t care. In the end, some idiot will be conned out of their money. There’s not even a game here to play.

Overall: The Love is broken and unplayable. The centerpiece chat feature doesn’t work at all. Stay clear!

Verdict: Garbage

E-Shop Page

PlatformNintendo Switch
Release Date10/17/23
PublisherDezvolt Games
ESRB RatingT

P.S. For a dating sim that isn’t broken, try Eroblast!

Update: I can’t put a zero in on switch scores, so I had to give a it one.

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