Pirate Treasure Switch Game Review

Pirate Treasure: Island Of Mazes was buried deep in the Slush Pile. I might have never found it at all, but I found it on sale and dug it out. it should have remained buried, frankly. But I wanted a third review for today, so here it is the review. Pirate Treasure is simply not very good. It is one of those ball rolling mazes where you tilt the play field, in this case the Switch, to roll the ball around. You start with square mazes, then circular, then triangular, then hexagonal mazes. There are probably nine of each type, making for thirty-six puzzles. In each other puzzle, you will have bombs to avoid, while juggling multiple balls at once. That’s all good, the problem is the controls.

Pirate Treasure: Island of Mazes

Pirate Treasure’s gyroscopic controls are not calibrated correctly at all. You really have to tilt the switch to get the balls to move, making things a lot harder than things need to be. Sometimes, you have to tilt so far you can’t see the screen well. Other games do this a lot better. Not that you can detach the gyroscopic joycon to make it easier, it has to be attached to the Switch. There is no table or docked mode. The end result is a very busted game. Which is a shame because this could have been a fun little time waster. Instead I’m fighting the controls, and just not having fun at all. Pirate Treasure: Island of Mazes comes very Not Recommended.

Overall: You’ll spend more time fighting the unresponsive controls, then having fun finding pirate treasure.

Verdict: Not Recommended

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PlatformNintendo Switch
Release Date1/14/22
ESRB RatingE

P.S. For a fun gyroscopic game that’s great as a party game, play Give Me Toilet Paper!

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