Burnout Switch Game Review

I won’t bury the lead, this 2023 Burnout is not published by EA, it is published by GameTop/Midnight Works. That makes this a scam game, pure and simple. Midnight Works is hoping people see the title “Burnout” and put down their money to buy this in droves. It may work, it may not, EA might hit them with a take down(let’s hope)! Now why would Midnight Works/GameToTop do this? Well, it is a classic series beloved by older gamers the world over. Burnout was fun, it was exciting, it never a dull moment causing car crashes! It died because EA wanted to shift Criterion to make more Need For Speed games never mind the money the series was making. There was Burnout Paradise Remastered in 2020, which was a nice, and I played through it, but it was not what we really wanted.

Give us what we want, EA!

So along comes Midnight Works. sees a dead franchise with a large fan base, and creates a horrible, horrible knockoff that is complete lies.

Drift around corners with finesse, zoom through lap races, and survive ruthless elimination rounds. Each event presents its own set of pulse-pounding challenges, and only the best will emerge victorious.

Totally Bullshit E-Shop Description

And they’re laughing in your face, because they named a set of races “Burnout Paradise” and a second set “Burnout Legends.” Those are two proper titles in the series. Don’t believe me?

They’re shameless. Midnight Works knows exactly what they’re doing. These aren’t even races, there are no other cars. The events are timed score challenges where you just do doughnuts until the time runs out to win. Don’t believe me?

You honestly can’t make this up. I hope EA body slams Midnight Works into the ground. If there is a clear case of copyright infringement, this is it. Not even Beat Them Up was this bad. And even if they don’t, the word should be spread far and wide. Do not buy this Burnout! Midnight Works should not get a cent of anyone’s cash! EA should deliver a proper Burnout!

I don’t usually ask this, but please, if you’re reading this, stick it wherever you can. People need to know. People need to be saved from this. Do the right thing. Get the word out!

Overall: Burnout 2023 is Midnight Works at its most vile. A shameless scam to ripoff a fan base desperate for a new title. Please get the word out!

Verdict: Garbage

E-Shop Page

PlatformNintendo Switch
Release Date10/29/23
ESRB RatingE

Update: The game has been removed from the E-Shop and a got a different title if you downloaded it. Hooray!

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