Internet Cafe Mini Games Switch Review

Do not buy Internet Cafe Mini Games 10 in 1, not because its terrible, well it is that too. But the main reason you don’t have to buy this crap is because you don’t have to. You there is something called the Infinite Runner Engine, and they have something called the Infinite Runner Engine Demo for mobile and PC. Ten tech demos for free. Well the brain trust at Kanuni Games decided, in their infinite wisdom, to charge eight dollars for it, not even changing many of the names, and doubtful they made any real changes. You see, I didn’t actually buy Internet Cafe Mini Games 10 in 1 for Switch, I didn’t have to. Its free online, why spend eight dollars when they game is available for free elsewhere? A first for this site.

Internet Cafe Mini Games 10 in 1 is a shameless asset flip.

So how are the Internet Cafe Mini Games… I mean Infinite Runner Engine Demo Games? They are tech demos, not really meant to be real games, just showcase what the engine could do. Some are better than others, but all are not worth money at all. This is a shameless cash grab asset flip on par with the worst crap Midnight Works can produce. There is no value for your money. There is no reason to buy Internet Cafe Mini Games. You can get this for free, no questions asked. Therefore, Kanuni Games is scamming you wholesale, not charging $1.99 sale price, but $7.99 with no sale(this might change though). If you buy this at any price, you have been scammed, but you read this site, so you will not be scammed. A final shout out to Switch Stars for alerting me to this. You can go watch his video for a game by game breakdown, but I felt like writing this because the more the word got out, the better.

Overall: Internet Cafe Mini Games can be had for free, just search for Infinite Runner Engine Demo!

Verdict: Garbage

E-Shop Page

Platform Nintendo Switch
Release Date11/4/23
PublisherKanuni Games
ESRB RatingE

P.S. For a mini game collection well worth your time, play “Those Games,” a collection mobile ad games that is actually good!

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