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Draw Rider Remake Switch Review

PlatformNintendo Switch
Release Date9/1/2022
Publisher 17Studio
ESRB RatingT

Draw Rider Remake is the remake of something called Draw Rider. I have never heard of Draw Rider before, but I guess it was legendary. Draw Rider is essentially a cross between a hill climber(like Funtasia) and N++.

Draw Rider Remake

Its a hill climber, you build momentum to go up hills and orient yourself to land correctly. If you don’t build up enough speed, you’re not going over. If you don’t land correctly, you’re going splat with a nice gory finish, ala N++. Also like N++, you can reset at any time, which is helpful, as you’ll be going splat a lot. There is also an electronic soundtrack very reminiscent of N++.

Draw Rider Remake
Lean forward!

Draw Rider Remake presents a nice variety of vehicles, from giant trucks to bicycles, unicycles, scooters and sleds. In most levels you go from point A to point B fast as possible. In a few levels, you have to score enough points doing tricks before the end.

Draw Rider Remake

An interesting feature of Draw Rider Remake is if you press X, you come off the vehicle, some levels its necessary to launch yourself off the vehicle to the end goal to shave off enough seconds to get a gold metal. In other levels, you’re going backwards, which is done by pressing back, which lifts up the front wheel and causes you to backwards.

Draw Rider Remake
You have to back up from the start and then forward to get enough momentum to make it over this.

In some levels there are collectable items that you use to customize yourself and your bike. You can get also get customizing items by collecting enough medals.

There are 350 levels in total, ranging from somewhat easy to ridiculously hard. So you get a lot of levels with 1050 medals to collect. You’ll be at this game for awhile.

Overall: Draw Rider Remake is great cross between a hill climber and N++.

Verdict: Recommended

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