Roar of Revenge Switch Review

PlatformNintendo Switch
Release Date9/23/2022
PublisherRatalaika Games
ESRB RatingE10+

In Roar of Revenge, you are Keel the Barbarian, and you must stop the man-lion Leomhann. In order to do this, you must find four magical relics to upgrade you power, like the ability to jump! Don’t worry, that comes first level.

Roar of Revenge
It’s not Conan, but it works.

Roar of Revenge is an old school action-platformerfrom the NES era of gaming. It looks like an NES game, and sounds like one too. But while when I hear “retro action-platformer” I generally run for the hills(Reknum DX comes to mind), I like Roar of Revenge, I really do. It’s tough, but completely fair. Let me show you:

Roar of Revenge
That’s a death counter in the lower corner.

You see the marks in the stone, each of the spiked balls will take out exactly two blocks of stone, denoted by the marks. So you know exactly where to stand to be safe. If you die, that’s your fault.

Roar of Revenge
Never has a simple slime terrified me so.

The levels are predictable. The enemies will move exactly the same way and be in the same places every time. Furthermore, it’s easy to land you jumps and hit your foes. Still, there are no health pickups, you only restore your health at checkpoints. Regardless, You die because of you, not the game.

Roar of Revenge
I actually didn’t die once here, I was happy.

Roar of Revenge isn’t terribly long but you’ll get your money’s worth here. Fully recommended! I will even label it must play!

Overall: Roar of Revenge is a tough but fair retro action-platformer!

Verdict: Must Play!

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