Pretty Girls Escape Switch Review

PlatformNintendo Switch
Release Date10/13/2022
ESRB RatingT

It just dawned on me how many Pretty Girls games there are, 14 on Switch, along with 2 physical collections(which bring the nudity and only released in Europe). Pretty Girls games are basically the same formula every time, take a tried and true game style and add waifus. Beat the game so you can unlock new outfits to ogle them in. Pretty Girls Escape is exactly in the formula.

Pretty Girls Escape
Nothing creepy going on here. Nope, not at all.

Pretty Girls Escape is a falling blocks puzzle. You have the waifu blocks at the top(from one to three), and must get rid of the blocks below them to lower them down to the exits. You can only remove regular blocks in chains of two or more. You can shift blocks left and right if there is space to do, and everything moves. If there’s no blocks to stop the waifu block, it will go from one edge to the other(and probably require a restart).

Pretty Girls Escape

There are 8 lovely waifus with six levels each, for a total of 48, but be aware, the later waifu levels get harder. The first two only have non moveable blocks. Then waifus 3-6 have their own signature curve ball. The exits might be locked, and key blocks are necessary to unlock. There might be blocks that can’t be removed but can fall and be shifted. There’s even spike blocks you can’t touch. Waifus 7-8 mix the prior curve balls together for a mega challenge.

Pretty Girls Escape
The levels don’t end if the puzzle becomes unwinnable, but just press Y.

In addition to simply winning, there are 2 missions for each level, and can be color blocks that need to be removed, maximum number of steps, and a time limit. Failing these does not end the level, just does not provide extra points that you spend on outfits or backdrops for ogling purposes.

Pretty Girls Escape
Both missions need to be passes to get the points.

Let me be clear, the Pretty Girls games exist for one reason, to ogle waifus, that’s it. The game itself is just window dressing and are completely interchangeable in a sense. In Pretty Girls Escape, the game is an excuse to get points to unlock ways to stare at waifus. Pretty Girls Escape is decent, there is even a challenge mode which require a specific set of moves to clear the puzzles. However, the falling block puzzles are just a means to an end, and everyone knows it. I’ve already reviewed another one and a spin off, I’m probably not going to review any more Pretty Girls games. There’s really no point.

Overall: I did it all for the waifus… No seriously, you only play Pretty Girls Escape for the waifus.

Verdict: YMMV

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P.S. Try Pretty Girls Tile Match, Breakers Plus and 2048 Strike!

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