Tiny Lands Switch Review

PlatformNintendo Switch
Release Date6/4/2022

Tiny Lands is an interesting twist on the spot the difference puzzle game. Instead of a 2D picture, you get a dioramas that you can spin and zoom in on. There are exactly five differences in every diorama and the differences can be very small, so this makes it the hardest spot the difference game I’ve ever played. I’m serious, this is a hardcore spot the difference puzzle game!

Tiny Lands
The differences are there, but they are hard to find.

The differences fall into one of a few categories: something will be bigger or smaller, be positioned differently, or a different color. Don’t expect massive differences, these are minute changes for the most part. Like I said, Tiny Lands is a hard one.

Tiny Lands
I still haven’t found them all on this one.

Each difference you find gives you a star, that is used to unlock the next set of dioramas. There are quite a bunch of dioramas here to play, and like I said again, Tiny Lands is pretty hard. Any spot the difference fan will enjoy this.

Overall: Tiny Lands is a 3D twist on spot the difference that any fan will enjoy.

Verdict: Recommended

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P.S. Try Kitten Island for cute hidden island fun!

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