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Gangster Life Switch Review

PlatformNintendo Switch
Release Date4/7/23
PublisherVG Games

Gangster Life: Criminal Untold, Cars, Theft, Police is not gangsta in the least. Sure you play a generic black thug and do illegal things, but the game is utter trash. So let’s begin:

Racist much developers?

So in Gangster Life play the above thug, a stereotypical black thug. You walk and drive around a completely lifeless city with hardly anyone walking or driving. You might occasionally find a lone person milling about, like this lady I ran over with my car:

There are no consequences for doing this, as there are no police,

So you press the – button it brings up a list of missions to do. I picked two for this review. The first was get in a car and leisurely drive it to a location. It was easy because there is hardly any traffic at all in the game. The second was pick up cigarettes and offer them to three people. The problem? There is nobody to offer them to. So the mission is essentially broken. Then I quit and never turned it back on.

How am I supposed to complete the mission if there is nobody to offer the cigarettes too(the guy is your contact)?

Gangster Life reminds me of Police Simulator in that its also a cheap game with an open world. But that game at least put some effort into it. This game has no charm at all. It seems to me it was shipped unfinished, seeing as how there are broken missions. Hard Pass. Go play Grand Theft Auto instead.

Overall: Gangster Life is a lifeless open world game that appears to be unfinished to the point of being broken.

Verdict: Garbage

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