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Avia Corporation Switch Review

PlatformNintendo Switch
Release Date6/9/23
ESRB RatingE

Almost 30 years ago, there were a pair of games called Aerobiz and Aerobiz Supersonic. The games were simple but engaging airline management sims. You buy planes, fly routes, and make money. They had charm and were fun to play. You can find them to play online if you want. Avia Corporation is very similar to the Aerobiz games, You buy plans, fly routes, and hopefully make money. It just has no charm, no tutorial and is not fun to play.

Aerobiz games were great!

The problems with Avia Corporation starts with the tutorial, or lack thereof. It’ll tell you to create a route, but not tell you how to do that. You have to go to one of your planes, click fly a route. Then on the map, click your starting destination, then drag to your destination. It took me a few minutes to figure this out. Then there is the fact the game is broken.

You see, in Aerobiz, you could connect big cities off the bat. Here, your company has a level, which affects the airports it can service and the planes it can fly. You’ll be starting off connecting tiny airports in Africa and Asia and lose money, and lots of it. There’s no way to tell what are profitable routes until you fly them, and the routes you have access to at the start all lose money, even with small prop planes. If you want bigger planes with longer routes, you’ll have to upgrade the runways, which cost money you seriously don’t have. Even playing in “relaxed mode” doesn’t help you make money at all.

Five routes, all unprofitable.

As you can see with the above pic, it has no charm. Avia Corpation is all boring menus and ambient music. So you have a game that’s not fun to play, that doesn’t really explain anything, and lacks any charm. Its a broken game that should have spent far longer cooking before being sent out into the world. The Steam reviews agreed with me for the most part. I though I had to be the only one who was having problems I wasn’t. I’m calling this Garbage.

Overall: Avia Corporation is a fundamentally broken airline sim with no charm and no tutorial.

Verdict: Garbage

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