Need for Spirit Switch Game Review

This is how Need for Spirit Drink & Drive Simulator begins:

Need For Spirit Drink and Drive simulator isn't as clever and as the developers think!

Yeah, Instamarketing and Game think they’re being cute. They are not being cute. They are Deceptive. This is how it probably went down:

Dev 1: We have a really, really bad driving game with horrible controls and levels that make absolutely no sense. What do we do?

Dev 2: Call it Need for Spirit Drink & Drive Simulator and pretend the horrendous controls are because you are drunk!

Dev 1: Brilliant! Let me get on that right now.

I guarantee that’s how the meeting went down because there is no drinking involved beyond the barrels(kegs) on your vehicle. Anyways, the game is a timed sprint between point A and point B in 10 minutes. You’ll need it because the game controls are so bad, you’ll slide into everything, even getting yourself stuck with no way out and requiring a restart. There may be more than one level, but I sure as hell was not going to find out. Here is a video to drive home how bad Need for Spirit actually is:

Seen it? Good. Now imagine that for 10 minutes. That is Need for Spirit in a nutshell. Just plain horrible. The developers claim:

Need for Spirit” delivers a humorous take on a serious subject, making it clear that the game does not endorse or encourage drunk driving in real life. Enjoy the absurdity while staying safe.

Need for Spirit doesn’t deliver a take on any subject. You aren’t drinking and driving. There is no increasingly blurry vision. There’s nothing to indicate in game that this has anything to do with alcohol. I think the developers were creating one game, and realizing it couldn’t sell, adopted a conceit to make it “unique.” This is a scam, pure and simple. You buy a game expecting to drink and drive, but realize its just a horrible sprint game. As least it is playable, unlike The Love, a scam game I played yesterday.

Overall: Need for Spirit was original one horrible game, then they made it about drinking to sell it.

Verdict: Garbage

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PlatformNintendo Switch
Release Date10/15/2023
PublisherInstamarketing and Game
ESRB RatingT
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