Erogods: Olympus Switch Game Review

Erogods: Olympus bill itself as:

Zeus, Athena, Hera, Artemis, Poseidon and other gods are waiting for you. Your goal is to establish a romantic relationship and pass the tests. Are you ready to receive your reward?

And what is your reward in Erogods: Olympus? Jack shit. You see, Erogods: Olympus is an E rated dating sim. Yes, let me repeat that, THIS IS AN E RATED DATING SIM!!! Whomever decided that over at Nelset Interactive should be slapped and fired. The premise is interesting enough, all the Olympian gods, including the men, are now women. And to win over each god, you must pass 4 tests. Then you give them what I assume to be the “holy schlong” but I don’t really know, because this game is rated E!

Erogods Olympus First Trial.
That is Apollo.


First, you spin a wheel to pick a goddess. Then, the first test in Erogods: Olympus is gems fall from the top, you must collect the gem indicated on the lower left. The second test is a game of memory with 8 tiles. Third is a rhythm game, where buttons falls towards a center circle. Press the indicated button when the button enters the circle. Fourth, is a shooting gallery when you must shoot the indicated gem. Then you give the goddess, in a bikini, the “holy schlong” by press A really fast. A video demonstrates:

Then it is over. You spin the wheel again to pick your next goddess at random, and repeat the same five things, over and over again, fourteen times. I didn’t make it past the third one. There was absolutely no reason to continue. Not like I could see titties. If there was nudity, maybe Erogods: Olympus could’ve barely justified its existence, but with none, its as pointless as something like Hentai Uni, which has nudity. As it is, there is absolutely no reason to play Erogods: Olympus, none. For some reason I am reminded of Huniepop on steam, an adult dating sim with great mach 3 game play. While it is censored(you can uncensor it via a patch), you really do give your chosen the “holy schlong.” Go play that and ignore this, please!

Overall: Erogods: Olympus is an E-rated dating sim. Greek myths have more sex than this!

Verdict: Garbage

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Platform Nintendo Switch
Release Date10/9/23
PublisherNelset Interactive
ESRB RatingE
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