Slaughter The Last Outpost Switch Game Review

Slaughter: The Last Outpost is the latest game from VenomizedAnt, known for the mediocre Wall of Insanity. Is Slaughter: The Last Outpost better than that game? Well, to an extent, yes. From the start in the cell block, you have a far better sense of place than the non-descript hallways in Wall of Insanity, with a far better sense of progression as you fell you are going somewhere. One the other hand, you’re still in a maze with absurdly few enemy types, a crowbar wielder and a machine gun wielder, and that is about it, aside from a hulking boss with a sledge hammer. But lets start from the beginning.

Slaughter: The Last Outpost story stupidity

You start out in Slaughter: The Last Outpost trying to start a car in a wasteland, when two guys sneak up on you and take you to the titular last outpost, I think. You wake up in a cell, thinking you had a dream. Then someone drops a key, a knife and pistol(not to be confused with a better pistol you get later on). And off you go. Game play consists of walking through a maze trying to find a switches to open doors that let you continue on. Unlike Wall of Insanity, you can toggle on a navigation marker, but it really doesn’t help you at all. Still, I managed to find my way around the first area pretty easily. Do remember to use the save stations on walls(looks like a camera), or you’re headed back to chapter start.

There are some weird things in the Slaughter: The Last Outpost. The grey pistol is better than the shotgun, strangely. And the shotgun can function as a long range weapon. The are panel where you have to shoot 4 braces to free it to move on. If you come up on the other end, you can’t shoot the braces, or enemies beyond it, but they can shoot you. There are some notes you can read reference a warden, but that’s it as far story I found. Then the UI makes no sense. There’s the health sign meter, but I’m not sure what it does. The real health bar is the red line above. Finally, they throw weapons and med-packs at you, but some of the ammo you pick up is for weapons you won’t get until much later. Odd.

Slaughter: The Last Outpost brace panel wonkiness.

Slaughter: The Last Outpost is a $7.50 3D third person shooter. I’ve always maintained that if a 3D game is less than than ten dollars, its not going to be very good, and this is no exception. Its functional, but very rough. Maybe if the kinks were worked out, I could recommend it, but at present, I simply can’t. You can find Quake on Switch for $9.99, which is probably a better deal.

Overall: Slaughter: The Last Outpost is better than VenonizedAnt’s Wall of Insanity, but still too rough to recommend.

Verdict: Not Recommended

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PlatformNintendo Switch
Release Date11/10/23
ESRB RatingM
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