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Mission Commando Switch Review

PlatformNintendo Switch
Release Date11/4/2022
PublisherPix Arts
ESRB RatingE10+

Last Pix Arts review, I said they were the Asylum of gaming. I’d like to rephrase, as I’m beginning to figure Pix Arts out. When they’re ripping off another game, like Sweet Sugar Candy, they’re pretty good. When they have to make their own games from scratch, they are terrible. Mission Commando is the latter, unfortunately.

Mission Commando Switch Review
Bugs abound!

Mission Commando is a run and gun shooter, where you shoot bad guys and vehicles and try to make it to the end of the level. Its not very fun and the lack of polish abounds, like in the screen shot above, where you can’t shoot the guy, but he will damage you if you jump over. Furthermore, there are times where I’d be trapped to lose all my lives because there’s a pause in between re-spawn and being able to control your character. So I’d be shot dead before I could move out of the way.

Mission Commando Switch Review

I could get in to more of the detail and how Mission Commando is played and all that, but it’s simply not worth going in to. The game was cheaply made and is all around terrible. Do not play this. In fact, do not approach a Pix Arts game unless i direct you to do so, because the miss far more than they hit. Again, save your money and run far away.

Overall: Mission Commando is more trash by Pix Arts. It has gotten to the point I’m beginning to reverse my former positive stance on them. Stay away.

Verdict: Garbage

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P.S. Let reminisce about Pix Arts good days, with Sweet Sugar Candy, Galagi Shooter and Pop Blocks!

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