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Galagi Shooter Switch Review

PlatformNintendo Switch
Release Date4/22/22
PublisherPix Arts
ESRB Rating E

I hereby dub Pix Arts The Asylum of video games. They make knock offs of popular games with similar titles to draw in people who don’t know any better. Fortunately, these game are pretty good really, and Galagi Shooter is no exception. This game is Galaga, the classic shooter that shows up in Namco Museum titles endlessly. The E-shop description even dances around it, “Galagi Shooter is based on the old school arcade hit space defender game, probably one of the best game ever made.” Just say you ripped off Galaga and call it a day.

Galagi Shooter Switch Review
Like lambs to the slaughter.

In Galagi Shooter, you shoot automatically, which leaves you focusing on dodging the bullets and enemies. Also, you have a health bar, which can absorb quite a bit of damage. In later levels, it will go quickly. The game is divided into four areas of four levels each, making for a total of sixteen levels. Each level have five waves each.

Galagi Shooter Switch Review
They even have boss encounters and power-ups!

I have one real issue with Galagi Shooter. When it gets heavy with enemies, it can be hard to tell where the bullets are because there are little explosions with a point number displayed. Other than that, I really have no other complaints about the game.

Galagi Shooter Switch Review
You can see how obscuring that can be.

So in the end, Galagi Shooter is another fine Pix Arts ripoff. Its not going to be talked about in forty years like Galaga is, but it is perfectly fine for what it is, a galaga ripoff.

Overall: Galagi Shooter is a fine Galaga knock off by Pix Arts.

Verdict: Recommended

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P.S. I found this version of Galaga free online if you’re interested in the original. Also, try Missile Command Recharged and Hoppy Hop for re-imagined arcade games.

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