Air Twister Switch Game Review

You have no idea what running the Game Slush Pile does to me. I have to review shitty game after shitty game. In 2022, I have a positive good to bad ratio. In 2023, its flipped, with vastly more bad than good. And it wears me down and depresses me. Today, I was desperate for something good after reviewing Erogods. I had finally broke. Therefore, I treated myself something more expensive that I heard good things about, Air Twister. and boy is it great! Originally released for IOS last year, Air Twister is a Space Harrier clone, made by the guy who made Space Harrier, Yu Suzuki. It plays almost identical to Space Harrier. You’re propelled along a rail and you can move vertically and horizontally to lock on and shoot enemies, while avoiding them, projectiles and objects. Destroy an entire enemy formation at once and get stars.

Air Twister Desert Level!
Modern Space Harrier

There is a simple story here in Air Twister. Some enemies destroy a floating kingdom. Soldiers on giant geese attack and get defeated. Then an actually attractive woman in a skin tight suit (a rarity in games these days) finds one of the geese and flies off with it to save the planet. That’s it for the story. The game plays out in a series of levels in different environments. There’s an on-rails section, and a boss section where you’ll fly on an animal friend. Air Twister not particularly long, each level is only two or three minutes, but the game is so much more.

Air Twister Opening Movie
Dat Ass!

Even more to Air Twister

Remember those stars I mentioned, they are your primary currency in Air Twister, used to unlock stuff on the adventure map, like more health, new outfits, powerups, and even new weaponry later on . Every run you get stars and they collect even if you get a game over, and boy will you need them as Air Twister gets challenging later on.

Air Twister Adventure Map
The adventure map is huge. Unlocking everything is going to take awhile.

But wait, we’re not done with Air Twister. There are several other modes of play, ranging from a mini-game called Cyber where you collect stars on an elephant, to boss rush, to arcade mode(adventure map bonuses erased). There are daily, weekly, and limited time mission which get you stars, trial tokens and fluffy tokens(which are used to play Cyber). Trial Tokens are use to temporarily use weapons and items you haven’t currently unlocked.

Air Twister Cyber

The graphics are crisp 3D. The soundtrack is very good with Dutch Artist Valensia providing it. They sound a lot like the classic Band Queen, to be honest. I found no bugs and everything worked great. There’s honestly nothing to complain about here. There are arguably minor quibbles here and there, but really not important in the grand scheme. Simply, I loved Air Twister!

Level 5 boss!

You have the second coming of Space Harrier, made by the guy who made Space Harrier. Unlike some other titles like this, Air Twister is incredible and I am so happy to have to played it. Air Twister is an instant Must Play… and now back to the slog. Darn.

Overall: Air Twister is the second coming of Space Harrier, made by the guy who made Space Harrier, and it is incredible!

Verdict: Must Play

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PlatformNintendo Switch
Release Date 11/10/23
PublisherInin games
ESRB RatingE10+
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