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Cop Police Escape Switch Review

GoGame Console Publisher has been leaving shit all over the E-Shop lately. Wolf Simulator, my now number one read review, was made by them! They also made Slasher and Rider Among Dead. All awful. Cop Police Escape Racing Zone Clash is a game where you ride around in a car in a defined zone for 60 seconds, all while being attacked by the police. Survive, you get that zone, and move on to the next one to defend. There are pickups to get, like oil slicks and guns, which do in fact help. I am shocked. The issue is, the game still sucks.

Cop Police Escape Racing Zone Clash  Area

In Cop Police Escape It feels like you are driving a tank, and not in a good way. The cops zone in from nowhere and all head directly for you. They shoot at you, but no damage is taken unless they hit you directly with their cars. There are arrows directing to you to next zone, but are majorly unhelpful, as you see below. There are four area in Cop Police Escape, two are open from the start, two more are unlocked by beating the previous two. The winter zone I started in was marked easy. If that zone is easy, I can’t imagine the zone marked hard, and don’t want to.

Cop Police Escape Racing Zone Clash Arrow
Thanks a lot, stupid arrow!

In the end, Cop Police Escape is simply not fun to play. It screams cheaply made shovelware, and frankly, it is. If you see GoGame Console Publisher on a game, run, run far away and never, ever come back. Maybe they’ll pull an Instamarketing and Game and actually release decent stuff. Even Midnight Works found a truffle once. My guess, however, is that they won’t.

Overall: GoGame Console Publisher published another stinker in Cop Police Escape Racing Zone Clash!

Verdict: Garbage

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PlatformNintendo Switch
Release Date6/23/23
PublisherGoGame Console Publisher
ESRB RatingE10+
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